Monday, August 27, 2007

We're moving...somewhere...I think.

Last week, for some inexplicable reason, my corporate firewall/filter started making it insanely difficult to access Blogger. Reading posts is fine, but for authors, there's a top-line toolbar that is blocked on the main page--the one with the "Create post" button. So, I'm forced to use the kludge of clicking "Blogger" from the Gmail "More..." button, and starting a post from the Dashboard. Aggravating is what it is.

And reading other blogs is just as bad: I sit and watch a blank window for up to a minute while one line is blocked, before the rest of the blog appears.

So on Friday I created a WordPress account. I also installed WordPress 2.2 to my guild server (which I pay for). So I have two WordPress blogs. Right now, I'm undecided as to which I will change. It's going to depend on whether I can have the same flexibility on each--and that's going to mean I need to get some time to play around with the self-hosted version (themes and such). Once I figure that out, I'll post here and let those of you who have done me the honor of linking me on your blogs know our new address.

I'm also having a problem importing my Blogger posts & comments to WP. (If any of you WPers know of a workaround, I can promise mad props if you'll pass it on!)

I do want to emphasize that I'm not unhappy with Google's Blogspot--it's very easy to use, fairly easy to modify, and I'm sure will only get better. But as I do a lot of my blogging from work (yeah, yeah...shame on me), I don't need the frustration I'm currently encountering.

So again...stay tuned, and as soon as I have things resolved (or by the weekend, I hope, at the latest!) I'll post the new address here.


Anonymous said...

I started Mania's Arcania (under the name Petopia) as a blog, but I quickly found that I didn't have nearly the flexibility I wanted with the look and feel -- not without paying a monthly subscription.

Also, I couldn't run ads at all on I would prefer if I didn't need to run ads on the blog, but the tiny amount they bring in helps offset the money I spend on hosting and whatnot -- which is important to me since I am currently "self-employed" and not making any money. :>

So I moved the blog to my own hosted domain where I could fiddle with the CSS endlessly. And then I fiddled with the CSS endlessly, which made me quite happy! I haven't had any issues with the self-hosted blog (except the other day when the host box collapsed due to a hardware problem, but that wasn't the blog's fault).

So that's my experience.

Kestrel said...

Thanks for the info, Mania. I'm pretty sure I'll use my self-hosted blog. My only trepidation is that I'm not that familiar (or comfortable?) about messing with CSS. OTOH, I've been able to muddle through quite a bit of stuff I didn't think I could handle. (I've noticed that a LOT of documentation online is fairly presumptive of a level of knowledge or experience that I--and, I'm sure others--don't have.)

Also, the idea of recouping some of my costs (I pay for the hosting of the guild website, and because it's such a low-traffic area, I don't charge the guild--yet) through ads has some appeal. Of course, I doubt I'll ever have the exposure Petopia has, either. :)

Hope you don't mind if I occasionally try to tap your expertise, either!

Anonymous said...

I see you've moved! Hopefully you'll still get this, though ... :> I just wanted to say that if you have any questions about CSS or WordPress, feel free to ping me. If I can't help I can generally at least point you in the right direction. :>

Kestrel said...

Oh yeah...we're still open here until I can get the content here moved to the new site. :)

Thanks again for the offer of help!