Friday, August 24, 2007

Ouch! -- Spanked in Botanica

As you may know, last night we planned to tackle Botanica, in Netherstorm. Our GM is an alchemist, and our goal was to help her complete her potion spec quest (or is it elixirs? I can't remember).

Our group included a Fury Warrior tanking, BM Hunter (raptor bird pet), Combat Daggers Rogue, Frost Mage, and myself, Holy Priest (23/38). The group worked well together, although we misjudged aggro range a couple times. One of those times resulted in the mage & rogue dying (*grumble*...I lost LOS on the rogue, or she'd have lived--my heal was timely, and she died about 1 second before the last mob went down). We had one death on one other trash pull; not sure I could have been more timely there or not. And on the last trio before the first boss, we got cocky and had a real messy pull, leading to a wipe. No problem--we knew exactly what we did wrong, and the subsequent pull was a thing of beauty.

So then we get to Commander Sarannis (Boss #1). We ate, drank, renewed any needed buffs, and I coached the group on the fight from the WoW Wiki page. We actually did pretty well, getting her down to where she summons her friends, and I got off my AoE Fear just as planned.

At which point things went to hell. The mage couldn't get a lock on the elite healer to sheep it, I got distracted by the returning feared mobs beating on me (and of course, timer wasn't up on Fear, either). And the tank took a horrific beating--I was spamming GH and PoM, and the tank's health bar kept getting shorter and redder (yeah, I checked: I had her targeted, and not someone else). Of course, once the tank went down, the rest of us followed in short order, although I kept up healing as long as I was alive (well, and a bit after, too!).

We tried three more times; each time was uglier than the one before (which I think is strange). Finally, we decided to call it a night--repair bills were starting to become a sore spot.

In a short post-mortem, we decided our problem wasn't the composition of the party, or our tactics. We are simply undergeared. This was a "well duh!" moment for me, as I realized that most of us have done Ramparts, Blood Furnace, and The Underbog...and that's it for Outland instances (and not all of the characters we played last night had done all three of those. (I think I've mentioned we're a pretty casual guild?)

So, it was pretty easy to decide we need to run a lot of people through the Zangarmarsh and Telredor (Auchindoun) instances, before we head back to Tempest Keep. A painful way to learn, but at least we did figure out this on our own...kinda.


Svo said...

Thanks for a great blog. Keep up the good work.

It sounds like a though way to learn it, but I know exactly what you mean.

Myself and three of my friends where in a guild, that fell apart when a few of the busy players hit Outland, so we formed our on small casual guild. That was around lvl45. We were 4 members, and never did any instances after Uldaman (which we PuG'ed with mixed success) and when two of us hit Outland PuG's never happened. So we decided to shot down our cosy little guild and join some players we knew in a much bigger guild (+300 members).
Now the problem is that we are crawling towards lvl70 and I have only been in Ramparts and Blood Furnace (last week)...and I have a felling that I will meet the same spanking if we don’t run the instances we skipped on the run towards 70. So I better take your blogpost and learn from it. Especially if I want to join the endgame fun from Kara and on.


Matticus said...

Bot and Tempest Keep in general is a huge gear check (especially from Ramps, Underbog, and Slave Pens). Perhaps the easiest 70 instance to acquire loot from would be Steamvaults or Shadow Labyrinth. If you're feeling lucky, you can always try the Black Morass.

I'm sure you'll get there eventually though! Perseverance, my friend.

Galadria said...

I agree with Matticus, SV would probably be easier for an undergeared group than SL, and there's some great tanking gear in there too. Just make sure to give the tank a pre-emptive Abolish Disease before fighting the Bog Lords, they give a disease to the tank that immediately stacks 5 times and does a lot of damage. It makes the healing a little easier. For Shadow Labs, after the first boss there are some large pulls (I think the largest is a group of 6) so make sure you have competent CC. Good Luck!