Wednesday, August 22, 2007

About my characters...

I started playing WoW during open beta, in a guild made up primarily of forum moderators and staff members from IGN’s Vault Network, where I was a moderator/forum manager. When WoW went live, the guild was established on Icecrown (Alliance).

Around January 2006, a few of us had serious problems logging into Icecrown when we wanted to play. After a couple fits and starts, we ended up playing on Kul Tiras, shortly after that realm opened. It wasn’t long before we decided to stay on Kul Tiras—we were all of the more casual, non-raiding stripe, and our Icecrown guild was doing a lot more raiding. So, we started our own little guild, "Are we Done Yet". The name came from our common refrain during the earliest days on Kul Tiras with our 4 lil gnomes (Skippy, Sassy, Sneakye, and Sparkye) as we trudged from one "kill 10 baddies" quest to another "collect 12 widgets" quest.

It wasn’t that we weren’t happy in the guild—we had lots of friends there still. But our type of “casual” is that we (there were four of us at the beginning) generally quested together, so leaving didn’t really cramp our gaming much. All of us left level 60 characters on Icecrown, and eventually, three of us brought one or more of those characters to Kul Tiras.

That’s how I happen to have two Level 65+ Hunters (both BM spec) and two level 70 Rogues (currently, both are Shadowsteppers, but at least one is about to revert to Combat Daggers). One of each of those classes was a 60 I transferred. In fact, it took almost exactly 2 years to get Sparverius (the original Kestrel) from level 60 to level 61. I also just dinged 70 with my Holy Priest.

So here’s my current all-male lineup:

Kestrel – 70 NE Rogue

Falken – 70 NE Rogue (transfer from Icecrown, where he was Falcon)

Talonis – 67 NE Hunter

Sparverius – 65 NE Hunter (transfer from Icecrown, where he was Kestrel)

Osprey – 70 Human Priest (23/38/0)

Peregrine – 40 NE Hunter (what can I say? I love hunters!)

Raptor – 37 NE Warrior

Earendil – 24 Draenei Paladin

Falconer – 20 Human Warlock

Owlhawk – 4 NE Druid


Mera said...

Not havin a go, but why would you want to level 2 chars with the same spec?

If I as to roll another hunter, I would go surv, or (blasphemy!) even MM.

Kestrel said...

Good question, and one I should have answered before you asked it!

As I mentioned, Sparverius and Falken were transferred from Icecrown. (Spar is Honored with Dark Iron Dwarves, so has Dragonscale LW and the patterns for the rest of the Black Dragonscale gear, and got them when they were only available via faction.) Falken was a 300 Tailor. (Yeah, I know what you're thinking: Why in hell was a rogue, a tailor? Answer: When he was created, we REALLY needed storage bags. It seemed like a good idea at the time. He's now a 375 miner, and almost 300 jewelcrafter.)

Okay...enough history; now to answer your question: Spar & Falken are primarily soloers/farmers (Spar's a 375 skinner; Talonis is a 360+ LW). Because my questing is almost all done with a set group, that's generally when Talonis or Kestrel are played (although either rogue may get tapped for an instance). I like the BM build--it's the best (IMO) for instances, and I can grind solo all day--literally--without ever using mana pots or drinking.

Currently, my third hunter, Peregrine, is heavier on the MM side, but I think he's going to end with some sort of hybrid SV build.

Mania said...

You said: " ... from IGN’s Vault Network, where I was a moderator/forum manager."

I *thought* I recognized that name!

Kestrel said...

Ut oh...I didn't ban you or anything like that, did I? *grin*

Mania said...

Not that I remember!

I use the name _Angry_ on the Vault WoW boards, and I used other names in the past on the AC boards. I don't think I ever interacted with you much, but the name definitely rang a bell.

Kestrel said...

Ahhh, okay...of course I participated on some of the WoW boards; I'd just been promoted to Forum Manager when WoW went live. Previously, I'd moderated the AC: Wintersebb forum (among others).

Mania said...

I played Wintersebb with my portal-magic-only axe alt -- sheehs, what was her name? I've forgotten -- but I didn't hang out on the server forum at all, I'm afraid.